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Ryanne is a Global Health Chef, specializing in SE Asian Cuisine. She bring a passion for wellness that influences any menu she has the opportunity to create. Dishes bring many International flavors to the table, always prioritizing local and seasonal availability.


Ayurveda & Postpartum Nutrition

Ryanne has an MPH, worked extensively in MNCH nutrition combined with a background in Ayurveda.

Inspired by her years abroad, she has offered “MEALS for MOMS” postpartum to private clients when available. If you are interested in this service reach out below. After birth, Ayurveda recommends 6-10 weeks of wholesome warm, fresh, vegetarian meals centered on dal, rice, nut milk and ghee with digestive spices and herbs to boost lactation, support digestion and renewal.

Kitchari Cleanses or clients seeking personal meal prep geared toward wellness and special diets are encouraged to reach out for individualized consultation.

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