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From One Mother to Another...

On my own journey into becoming a mother, I encountered many new moms having difficulty with diet, babies with indigestion or trouble with lactation. According to the Ayurvedic perspective, the first 42 days after childbirth are considered essential for the body to renew and holistic cleansing foods are recommended to aid in the transitional time of breastfeeding. Ayurveda is made up of 3 doshas or constitutions in the body, defined as kapha, pitta, vata, and when present in balanced quantities they lead to optimal health, likewise when imbalanced can lead to illness. Mother's milk is directly affected by the quality of nutrition which impacts baby's digestion. Cleansing Ayurvedic foods adjust the mother's diet to pacify all 3 constitutions, bringing the body into balance.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Meals:

  • Decrease in postpartum depression, anxiety or sluggish feelings
  • Decrease in constipation, gas, indigestion, and lack or sleep
  • Decrease in new baby's indigestion, lack of sleep or colic
  • Lactation support, increased milk production
  • Quickened integration back to normal life and normal diet

Postpartum Delivery Service

It can be difficult for the new mom to focus on healthy meals while recovering after labor which is why Ry’s Table provides prepared tri-doshic vegetarian meals emphasizing lentils, dal, nut milk and ghee with digestive spices and herbs delivered to your home. This service is specifically designed for the newborn mother in the first 6-10 weeks postpartum to sooth digestion, boost lactation and support renewal.


How Does It Work?

Deliveries are made weekly by the quart, which is 4 servings in 1 cup portions. Each Sunday, subscribers receive a newsletter with the weekly menu. Simply hit "Opt-in" within the body of the email by 5pm Tuesday to communicate your order. You will receive confirmation and an expected delivery. 


Sign-up to Receive Weekly Ayurvedic Menus:

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Items Come in 1 quart portions (4 cups) order as many as you like.  

 1 quart is $25.00 

Each delivery has a +$5.00 delivery fee which is unchanged no matter how many quarts you order. Pickup is available at no extra charge.


Friend just had a baby? Want to Give Meals as a Gift? YES You CAN!

The gift of cleansing meals to support the new mom back into a healthy balance is such a nice way to pamper our friends and loved ones! You can purchase at any amount and their account will be set-up with credit for service! 

Gift For Mom
from 25.00

Ayurveda literally means "Knowledge of life" and the teachings go much deeper past diet, into defining your constitution, analyzing daily patterns and creating personalized recommendations for optimal health. I don't provide this type of intensive consultation but would encourage anyone interested in going deeper to seek out a professionally Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Visit for more information and take the Dosha quiz to learn about your constitution.


Additionally, I can be contracted for further one-on-one wellness consultation, cooking lessons or other private chef or prepared meal needs. Please email me directly with your inquiry.