It can be difficult for the new mom to focus on healthy eating while recovering after labor which is why Ry’s Table provides Ayurvedic vegetarian meals emphasizing lentils, dal, nut milk and ghee with digestive spices and herbs delivered to your home. Meals are designed with the newborn mother in mind during the first 6-10 weeks postpartum to sooth digestion, boost lactation and support renewal.

From One Mother to Another…


On my own journey to becoming a mother, I encountered many new moms having difficulty with diet, indigestion, milk supply, and babies experiencing colic or restlessness. I was astounded to find how little support and nutritional education was being passed onto moms postpartum. We seem to have lost touch with the “mom village” where mothers can rest after giving birth leaving them only to be loved, nourished and cared for by their community. Historically, special diets with medicinal herbs would be lovingly prepared for mothers to heal their body and boost nutrition for breastfeeding and immunity. This custom is still practiced in some cultures today.

According to the Ayurvedic perspective, the first 42 days after childbirth are essential for the body to renew.

By taking the proper time to recoup during the 4th trimester, it can prevent a lengthy recovery and avoid common long-term mental, emotional and physical distress women often experience.


  • Decreased postpartum emotional distress & anxiety

  • Decreased depression, sluggishness & lack of sleep

  • Decreased constipation, gas, and indigestion

  • Decreases baby's indigestion, colic, and lack of sleep (nursing)

  • Increased lactation support (milk supply)

  • Increased metabolic function and weight loss

  • Increased immune function & nutritional absorption

  • Quickened body recovery and integration back to daily routine

Mother's milk is directly affected by the quality of nutrition which in-turn affects baby's development. By eating cleansing Ayurvedic foods to aid in the transitional time of breastfeeding, both mom and baby have optimal wellness for building strong immune systems and experiencing a speedy recovery as they settle into their new life together.

orDERING & Menu

These Ayurvedic Meals are intended to supplement 1-2 of your daily routine. 6 different meals are currently available in 2, 4 & 6 week Cleanse Packs. Panchakola Ghee & Medicinal Almond Milk are available as add ons. All meals are delivered frozen. Once you order, delivery is confirmed by email. When ready, click the Order Here button to view the Cleanse Packs.


How To CLeanse Postpartum

Meals for Moms are intended to supplement 1-2 of your daily eating routine. Its recommended that while cleansing postpartum to consume WARM earthy grounding wholesome foods. Meals should be consumed for lunch and midday snack or dinner. Complimentary foods outside of the meals include fresh seasonal organic vegetables that are cooked such as roasts, stir-fry, saute, soups and stews. If consuming meats its suggested to be minimal and stick to omega centered proteins like farm fresh eggs and wild caught fish.

Example of Things to Stay Away From

  • Cold or raw foods. bubble water, or iced things (Vatta aggravating foods)

  • Artificial or processed foods and refined or unnatural sugars

  • Take-out, unless made from scratch from high quality foods

  • Tomatoes, chili, eggplant, most onions, caffeine (Pitta aggravating foods)

  • Dairy products aside from Ghee

  • GMOs or foods contaminated with antibiotics or chemicals

Example Postpartum Cleansing Diet

  • Breakfast: Warm gluten-free oatmeal, amaranth porridge, wholegrain toast with avocados, farm eggs or nut butter

  • Lunch: Dal or kitchari with rice, vegetable soup, pesto pasta with vegetables, warm tortilla with ghee, avocados, sprouts and farm eggs

  • Snacks: Dal with rice, wholegrain toast with nut-butter and honey, avocado toast, roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables, dates

  • Dinner: Dal or kitchari with rice, warm stew, stir fry vegetables over rice with salmon, pesto pasta with lots of veggies

What’s Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient 5,000+ year old form of medicine with a principal focus on nutrition. We are all born with a unique composition of 3 doshas, defined as kapha, pitta, vata, which represent the different elements in our environment. What we eat, effects the amount of “fire”, “water”, “earth” or “air” present in our bodies and shifts the constitution we were once born with. When present in balanced quantities they lead to optimal health, likewise when imbalances aren’t addressed, it can lead to illness. Ayurveda goes much deeper into lifestyle practice and herbs, if you’d like more information visit Banyan Botanicals.

The Ayurvedic concept of "agni" associated with fire or life force within each cell of our bodies, is centralized in the digestive system that governs the breakdown and assimilation of food where 70% of our immune system inhabits. After childbirth, a women's digestive fire is extremely week which makes it harder for your body to process food and absorb nutrients. This can affect weight, mood, liver and breakdown of fats, lactation and subsequently baby's digestion when breastfeeding. Building a strong digestive fire postpartum, creates a chain reaction throughout the entire body bringing it back into balance for a speedy recovery.