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GRanola & crackers

Gluten-Free Products that are not only healthy and homemade but also DELICIOUS! Using simple and natural ingredients that never contain artificial flavors, GMO's or hydrogenated oils, these artisan products meet many peoples food intolerance diets. Crackers come in 3 flavors and Granola in varied sizes, check it out!

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POstpartum Meal DElivery

Offering nourishing Ayurvedic prepared foods specifically designed for the woman the first 6-10 weeks after labor. These healthy vegetarian meals can help the body renew during an essential time to support breastfeeding, lactation, digestion and metabolic health, getting the body into optimal wellness quicker!  Purchase this as a gift for a new mom in your life


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ChEF to Hire

Be it a special event, fundraiser, hosting pop-ups, yoga retreats or feeding 100 youth, I'm adept in kitchen management and building food programs. I specialize in family style service, with flavors influenced from SE Asia, India and the Mediterranean. Whatever the upcoming opportunity may be,  I'd love to hear from you!


Empowering others to realize the connection between informed food choices and an improved quality of life.

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